Huang Yan, Shen Yu
Huang Yan, Shen Yu
Animation / Action Adventure
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In the world of plushies, children’s childhood is the most precious treasure. It is this treasure that grants plushies real life. In return, plushies become the guardians of every child’s childhood. Accompanying and guarding their owner is the highest faith of every plushie in the world. 
However, with the popularity of online games, tablets replace plushies and become children’s new “companion”. Mini Tiger’s owner becomes obsessed with an online video game, which is intruded by computer virus. As a result, she is gradually losing her childish innocence from her inner heart. In order to save his owner, Mini-Tiger, with his best friend – Teethless, decides to enter the digital world. However, the digital world is much more dangerous than they thought. 
This is a film about innocence, accompany and love. Everyone has a memory of his or her own toy. The audience could recall their childhood in this fantasy adventure.
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