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Using a college on New York's Upper East Side as their surrogate home and sanctuary, four siblings struggle to banish the ghost of their dead father and create some semblance of harmony as adults.

Suggested by Chekhov's The Three Sisters, this unflinchingly honest drama explores and explodes the myths surrounding family and friendship.

Amidst the chaos of Manhattan, three sisters and their brother recall the simpler life the family left in their childhood home in Charleston – as they peel away each other's deceptions with barbed wit and candour escalating to moments of shocking power. Their final realization is that there is no sanctuary from chaos and violence – they reside within the heart.

With a first rate cast featuring Mary Stuart Masterson, Erika Christensen and Golden Globe® Nominee Maria Bello (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) in a sensuous and poised performance, as the three sisters, with the stunning support of Elizabeth Banks, Steven Culp, Eric McCormack, Alessandro Nivola, Chris O'Donnell and Rip Torn, one of American cinema's most underrated actors. Director Arthur Allan Seidelman cements his reputation, bringing an intensity to this screen adaptation of Richard Alfieri's award winning play.

THE SISTERS is a scathing expose of family and the secrets kept hidden beneath the surface.
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