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Thomas Archer had everything. A beautiful wife, a job as a senior associate at a powerful architecture firm, and a beautiful son. Until one fateful night, when his son was taken from him and his wife brutalized, sending Archer down a path of revenge.

THOMAS ARCHER, late 30's, stands under a train trestle, holding a dark gym bag. His cell phone rings, and a mysterious VOICE tells him to board the approaching train. A short while later, more phone calls from the Voice tell him where to get off, where to walk, what to look for. He ends up at an abandoned slaughterhouse, where the Voice directs him to set the gym bag down in a particular room. The bag is filled with $100 bills.

Directed, once again, down another hall, to another room, Archer opens the door to find a large MAN strapped down to a chair, a black hood over his head. The Voice calls again. "Mr. Archer, this is the man who murdered your son."

On a surgical table next to the Man is a wide assortment of tools: a knife, a saw, a hammer, a drill. The Voice instructs Archer that he has three hours to exact his revenge on his son's killer. Archer attacks the Man with a club, with brass knuckles, interrogating him about his son, but the Man will say nothing. We see FLASHBACKS of the night of his son's death, of Archer grieving, talking with the police, visiting a psychiatrist. BACK in the interrogation room, the Man has passed out. Archer takes a hammer and nails, and hammers the Man's left palm to the chair. Reaching for the Man's right hand, Archer suddenly stops, remembering a forgotten detail about his son's masked assailant. A tattoo on the killer's right arm. Archer looks at the Man's right arm; it's bare. The person that Archer has been torturing is not his son's killer.

The Voice calls Archer, warning him that the Man is a criminal and that it's too late to turn back. Archer sees a security camera on the wall and destroys it. He then releases the Man from his bonds, and the two men escape from the room through a crawlspace just before gunmen sweep in.

 Now, the Voice and his gunmen will stop at nothing to prevent Archer and the Man from reaching the outside world. In the bowels of the slaughterhouse, Archer's only hope to survive the night means supporting a dangerous man who he has needlessly beaten and tortured, while also relying on that same man's help.
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