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Midnight Madness, Toronto Film Festival 2006
Official Selection, Transylvania International Film Festival 2008

Seven strangers are trapped inside an infamous "House of Horror" during a Hollywood movie studio tour, and forced to tell their most terrifying personal stories to get out alive.

In the twisted tradition of classic anthology horror films such as TALES FROM THE CRYPT, KWAIDAN and DEAD OF NIGHT, TRAPPED ASHES features four stories of the surreal, erotic and terrifying, directed by five of Hollywood's most unique filmmakers: Joe Dante (GREMLINS, THE HOWLING), Ken Russell (ALTERED STATES, TOMMY, THE DEVILS), Sean Cunningham (FRIDAY THE 13TH), Monte Hellman (TWO LANE BLACKTOP, COCKFIGHTER), and John Gaeta (Oscar winner for Visual F/X on THE MATRIX).
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