David Alford & Robert Lynn
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Official Selection, Sarasota Film Festival 2007

DEREK PLATO (Julian McMahon – Golden Globe® Winner for Nip/Tuck) is the critically acclaimed bad boy of Hollywood whose films are as controversial and volatile as his nature and reputation.

Derek has plans to make his next film a violent prison drama. He scouts his new location, an abandoned derelict prison, a decrepit house of pain and torment, with new found zest.

As he delves deeper into the heart of the prison he is taken hostage by a mysterious JAILER (Elias Korteas). Derek is held captive on death row. His only means of escape is to answer the questions posed by the jailer regarding his art and his life, if he doesn't answer Derek moves closer and closer to the electric chair and faces a possible death. But death is an easier thing for Derek to face when confronted by the evils of his past and the unraveling of his mentality.
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