Action Drama
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Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival 2007 Official Selection, Chicago International Film Festival 2007
Slipstream is the debut into independent filmmaking by Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. If it is ever possible to sense the liberation and creative passion unleashed by such a newfound freedom, we can experience it with Hopkins's inventive and multilayered work. The film features a sterling ensemble cast, including Christian Slater, John Turturro, Stella Arroyave, Jeffrey Tambor, and Hopkins himself. Aided by acclaimed cinematographer Dante Spinotti and celebrated costume designer Julie Weiss, Hopkins takes on us an incredible journey into the combustion of a writer's mind and the nature of the creative process.

At times, this film appears to be a conventional, concrete, and straightforward tale about a screenwriter, Felix Bonhoffer. Then it turns riotously hallucinogenic, taking off on tangents and down rabbit holes into dream worlds and streams of consciousness. As the characters from the writer's fictional universe begin to appear in his "real" world, the audience starts questioning the limits of the human brain. We are given an opportunity to see into the vortex of a creative mind fulminating in "madness.

With a structured elegance, at times an overwhelmingly visceral kinesthesia, overflowing with film and artistic references, Hopkins announces he is a filmmaker with an unwaveringly artistic vision on a mission into the ineffable.
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