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Official Selection, South by Southwest Film Festival 2006
Official Selection, Edinburgh Film Festival 2006
Winner - Audience Award, Brooklyn International Film Festival 2006

To the outside world PRISCILLA (Parker Posey) seems to have it all. A great career, a beautiful home and a perfect marriage to her husband, high school teacher, JACK (Paul Rudd). But in reality Priscilla has a secret simmering beneath the surface… She has never had an orgasm, she has always been unable to fully 'let go'. It has left her unsatisfied and her marriage on shaky ground.

But now Priscilla has decided to take charge and seek a means to her end. In the pursuit for fulfillment she encounters many questionable devices and willing participants, including a sweet sex shop worker intent on helping in any way she can and a kooky sex THERAPIST (Liza Minnelli).

While Priscilla searches for the illusive big OH, her husband, Jack is intent on proving his sexual worth by sleeping with one of his students, the manipulative and wise KRISTEN (Mischa Barton). But Priscilla's quest brings her release and fulfillment in the most unlikely form. The Pool Guy WAYNE (Danny DeVito), a man who is least likely to be her match but has the rare ability of seeing the real her, and whose love ultimately sets her free…

Writer/Director Billy Kent has fashioned a candid, intimate, sweet and laugh out loud comedy about sex, the modern woman and the never-ending quest for true love.
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