Family Musical / Comedy
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KEVIN (Sebastian Gregory)  is a nineteen year-old with a dream: to play lead guitar for a famous rock and roll band. But being a Rock God in the sleepy harbour town of Montague isn't easy, especially when your father (William Zappa) is the proud leader of the town's Marching Band. 

As the band prepare for the upcoming championships, Kevin's father is hit by a truck and Kevin is forced to take over as musical director. At the same time, the Mayor (Colin Friels) decides to close down the band in order to make way for a tourist development project. But Kevin strikes a deal and the Mayor agrees that if the band wins first prize at the competition then their future is assured. With the help of MANDY (Isabel Lucas) - the Mayor's daughter - Kevin must get the band on his side, re-arrange an iconic rock song for brass, and totally overhaul their dated routine.....

All in four weeks...

And of course, his father must never find out.

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