Action / Drama
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Spasm (SEAN KENNEDY), Poker (RICHARD WILSON) and Blue Flame (HO THI LU) are high school students in the West of Sydney who are skateboard fanatics; they're the Deck Dogz.

Spasm, who has a flair for animating flip books, wants to be a professional skater, but has no support from his single parent dad. His two friends, however, believe Spasm can make his mark. Determined to find a way to the far-off Beach Bowl skating event to be hosted by world champion Tony Hawk, the three friends set off on a long cross-city trip, to be held up by a couple of young drug dealers, as well as the cops who are after them for burning down part of their school.

The three lead roles are played by relative unknowns, Sean Kennedy, Richard Wilson and Ho Thi Lu - cast as much for their acting ability as their passion for skateboarding. The story maps both a physical and emotional journey of discovery for these three teenage mates, stylistically playing cheeky comedy off dramatic themes with some killer skateboard action along the way.

This new Australian film by Oscar-nominated writer/director, Steve Pasvolsky (INJA 2002) features a pumping soundtrack from RUN LOLA RUN composers, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil. The film energetically forges vibrant animated sequences that run parallel with the main storyline - a technique rarely used so effectively since Oliver Stone's NATURAL BORN KILLERS. DECK DOGZ also features 12 times world skateboarding champion, Tony Hawk.
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