Romantic Comedy
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Opening Night Gala Film - Sydney Film Festival 2012
Nominated: Best Actress, Sarah Snook - AACTA Awards 2012
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor, Ryan Corr - AACTA Awards 2012
Nominated: Best Original Screenplay, Michael Lucas - AACTA Awards 2012
Nominated: Best Original Music, Matteo Zingales, Jono Ma - AACTA Awards 2012

If your twenties are the party decade, then JONAH (Ryan Kwanten) is one very high achiever.

Surviving on the profits of the epic parties he hosts every weekend with his roommates, Jonah's life is nothing but huge nights, sex, friends, and very occasionally, sleep.

But then Jonah is hit with a health crisis and told that he'll be infertile within a month. Suddenly the freewheeling partyboy has a massive shift in priorities. He tries to freeze sperm, but when that fails, Jonah is left with just three remaining weeks of fertility... and a burning desire to become a father.

To the shock of his housemates, Jonah embarks on a mission to breed before it's too late. He starts trawling back through all his ex-girlfriends, all his hook-ups, determined to convince one of them to throw caution in the wind and try for a child. How hard can it be...?
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