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When a band of assassins invade the home of their target HEI TAI, they find only his bride-to-be NAMI and force upon her a cruel dilemma: either she kills her fiancée’s sister or they kill her fiancée. Trapped, Nami kills her fiancée’s sister and is sent to prison.

Trained to fight by a fellow inmate, Nami develops the skills and strength to escape and sets out on a quest for revenge. Reunited with Hei Tai who’s still unaware she killed his sister, their love is rekindled. The remaining assassin finds them and tells Hei Tai what Nami did, but now her beloved Hei Tai is torn between helping her and his own personal desire for revenge.

A gripping, pulpy revenge thriller re-visioning the long running cult Japanese franchise recognized as an inspiration behind Kill BILL.
Beverly Hills
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