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A young Chinese martial arts national champion, KONG, came to Hong Kong on a short contract with a Chinese opera group. Kong was lured into the underground all-contact boxing world by a small-time gambling boss, KEUNG. Kong entered the underground world with his girlfriend, TIN. Kong's brilliant fighting technique changed the game. With Kong, the underground boxing became big. Winning after winning, Kong became the unbeatable in the arena. The rival boss seeked fighters from all over the world but kept losing. Finally, the rival boss put on his best effort ever and brought in the best fighter in all-contact boxing king, Might. Kong and Might fought fair and brilliantly. Kong won the fight marginally. Kong was then forced to fake a loss to a much lesser fighter for a big sum of money. Kong was seriously injured. One entered the underground world thinking that he was in control, thinking that he was only giving his body for gain, but eventually he lost his soul and life in the process.
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