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Official Selection, Seattle Film Festival 2007

RODERICK BLANK (Simon Baker) is a successful modern man, content with his personal and professional life. However, a week before his wedding to a suitably stuffy fiancee, Roderick's perfectly planned existence is upended by a mysterious piece of technology that e-mails him a list of every woman he has ever had sex with -- but the list keeps going. Roderick realizes that the List also contains the names of every woman he ever will have sex with!

Like a psychosexual GROUNDHOG DAY, Roderick is put through an odyssey that initially inspires awe (playmates, private school girls, a lesbian astronaut) but soon turns into comic terror.

Roderick falls in love with a lovely angel... but she's tragically not on the List. He also crosses paths with DEATH NELL (Winona Ryder), a media sensation femme fatale who seduces men before putting them into fairy-tale-style comas... tragically, this dangerous woman is on the List. The literal bedtime story takes some dark twists, but Roderick eventually learns to stop fighting the List and give up his need for control. Sometimes you have to go all the way through Immorality to truly get to Morality and peace of mind...
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